This page is about the friendship between Woody and Buzz Lightyear.
Woody and Buzz from Toy Story 2

Toy Story Friendship MomentsEdit

  • Buzz tells Woody to watch himself after meeting Bo Peep,Rex and Hamm.
  • Woody tries to see if Buzz was okay when he fell out the window.
  • Woody seems happy to see Buzz when he goes into the Davis van.
  • Woody follows Buzz to the claw machine.
  • Buzz says he is proud of Woody.
  • Woody got Buzz to snap out of being Mrs.Nesbit.
  • Woody tries to save Buzz when Sid comes.
  • Woody rescues Buzz when Sid was going to blow him up.
  • Buzz tells Woody he can make it to the moving van.

Toy Story 2 friendship MomentsEdit

  • Buzz tells Woody its going to be okay and he'll find his hat.
  • Buzz goes on an adventure to save Woody.
  • Woody changes his mind about the muesem.
  • Buzz catches Woody's hat.
  • Buzz asks Woody if he's still worried.

Toy Story 3 friendship MomentsEdit

  • Buzz saves the train and Woody from falling.
  • Buzz tells Woody they will always be together.
  • Woody goes back to save the toys.(Buzz included)
  • Woody and Buzz save Lotso.
  • Woody and Buzz shake hands.
  • Woody shows Buzz Bonnie's toys.