This Jessie is from toy story and beyond toyline she is not accurate like Woody
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Image in packaging

But today still makes everyone smile.


Toy Story Hasbro Jessie

  • Jessie talks and yodels
  • Jessie Says,Hi, There im Jessie, Yee-Haw, Lets ride like the Wind
  • Way to go cow poke, Lets Yodel, There is nothing like a good adventure
  • Saddle up with Jessie and pair her with Woody,Buzz and the cuddle doll Bullseye.


  • Waist and arms are accurate size.
  • Comes with bunny and lasso for bonus.
  • hat does not come with a string to put on pony tail
  • only has a few quotes similar to the move (maybe)


  • Hair is brown.
  • Hair is plastic and not yarn.
  • hat is plastic.
  • voice is not similar to movie.