Mrs. Potato Head
Mrs.potato head


Andy, Andy's toys, Mr. Potato Head,Molly's toy


Sunny side daycare toys, her family

Love Interest

Mr. Potato Head


Toy Story

Potrayed by

Estelle Harris


Andy's home, Bonnie's home (Toy Story 3)

Kind of toy

Potato Head


Mr. Potato Head's wife

Where now

Living with Bonnie alongside her "sweet potato".

Mrs. Potato Head is the female counterpart of Mr. Potato Head.

Mrs.Potato headEdit

Toy StoryEdit

She is name-dropped in Toy Story, but doesn't appear. In one of the last scenes in the film, Mr. Potato Head crosses his fingers while waiting on one of the gifts to open. He keeps saying "C'mon. Mrs. Potato Head, Mrs. Potato Head".

Toy Story 2Edit

Mrs. Potato Head is Mr.Potato heads biggest fan. She adores her brave spud and is always willing to lend him a hand. Or an eye. While Mr. Potato Head's "sweet potato" lives up to her pet name, she also shares her husband's hair-trigger temper.


  • Toy Story
  • Toy Story 2
  • Toy Story 3


  • Mrs. Potato Head is based on the actual Mrs. Potato Head toy.