Mr. Potato Head is a mean, rude and judgmental Potato who is a classic toy, a part of Andy's collection.

Mr. Potato HeadEdit

A potato who is friends with Woody and the gang and is now owned by Bonnie. He makes some jokes and plays around every now and again, but stays a little pessimistic toward some of Woody's ideas from time to time as well. Mr. Potato Head, in some of Andy's adventures for the kids is usually a villain as shown in both Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 3. In all three films, he bursts into pieces and picks himself up using the arms that have been severed.

In Toy Story 2, Mr. Potato Head, while in the Pizza Planet delivery car, saves some of the aliens toys that there and they begin to say that "he has saved their lives and they are eternally grateful". In Toy Story 3, it is shown that he and Mrs. Potato head decided to parent the aliens.


"Mr. Potato Head is a wisecracking, hot-headed spud, complete with angry eyes. He's the eternal pessimist with a tough plastic exterior, but his total devotion to his "sweet potato," Mrs.Potato head, reveals a softer side."

Family: Andy's family,Andy's toys,Bonnie's family,Bonnie's toys

Friends: Sunny side daycare toys

Full Name: Mr. Potato Head

Love Intrest: Mrs.Potato head

Kids: 3 Aliens

Debut: Toy Story

Potrayed by: Don Rickles

Occupation: Andy's toy, Father

Home: Andy's house, Bonnie's house

Likes: Being with Mrs.Potato head

Dislikes: Being wrong

Nicknames: Potato head

Where now: Living with Bonnie

Partners: Mrs.Potato head,Hamm

Kind of toy: Mr.Potato head


  • Toy Story
  • Toy Story 2
  • Toy Story 3


Head: Black Bowler hat

Torso: Body

Legs: Blue shoes.


Eye:Eyes & Eyebrows.

Nose:Nose & Mustache.