Toy StoryEdit

Woody: Because he and Buzz lightyear were stranded at Dinoco gas station and left behind by Andy.

Buzz Lightyear: Breaks down crying while rambling drunkenly as "Mrs. Nesbit".

Woody: None of the toys would belive Buzz was alive.

Sid Phillips: can be heard sobbing after Hannah chases him upstairs with her new doll "Sally".

Woody: There was no way to get home and the match he attempted to light was put out by a speeding van.

In a deleted scene, Woody pretend-cries into Buzz Lightyear's chest when he tries to tell him about the "problem" with Andy.

Toy Story 2Edit

Bo Peep: is in tears after watching Al drive away with Woody and Buzz's attempt to rescue him failed. She replies, "Why would someone steal Woody?" 

Jessie: Tears up after saying "You never forget kids like Emily or Andy.....but they forget you."

Al Mcwiggin: Because his collection of Woody's roundup toys did not make it throught the airport.

Toy Story 3Edit

Mrs. Potato head: Because she thought Andy threw the toys away.

Barbie: Molly donated her to daycare.

Woody: Nearly cried when Andy drove off for college. To which he replied, "So long, *gulp* partner. Buzz proceeded to wrap his right arm around his shoulders.