A yodeling cowgirl apart of Woody's roundup gang.

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Andy's toys,Molly's Toys,Bonnie's toys,Emily's toys


Sunny side daycare toys, her family

Love Intrest

Buzz Lightyear


Toy Story 2

Potrayed by

Joan Cusack


Emily's home,Andy's home, Bonnie's home (Toy Story 3)

Kind of toy

Cowgirl Ragdoll


Bullseye's partner,Buzz Lightyear's girlfriend

Where now

At Bonnie's house with Woody and the gang



"This is Jessie, the roughest, toughest cowgirl in the whole west. She loves critters, but none more than her best pal, Bullseye!" Jessie is an exuberant, rough-and-tumble cowgirl doll who's always up for a daring adventure to help critters in need. With Andy's imminent departure hanging over the toys, Jessie is afraid of being abandoned by her owner once again. She takes charge, insisting that the toys take control of their own destinies. But is it a decision they'll later regret?"

Jessie is a smart, sweet and cute character in Toy Story series who is Buzz's girlfriend.


Jessie is a fiery character, she is always there for her friends and always is content. In Toy Story 2 she was started off being met as a crazy, over loving cowgirl, but turned out to be a sweet, caring toy. In Toy Story 3 she misunderstands Andy and ditches him for Sunnyside. After she did she recognized she was loved and continuously cared for Woody and the gang, she also has a very calm love relationship with Buzz Lightyear , from that infamous line of space-toys that put the Woody's Roundup Gang off the shelves!



"Hi i'm Jessie i'm a member of Woody's roundup"


"Wanna square dance? swing your partner dosey do!"