Bonnie is the second main Human character in the Toy Story 3. She goes to the Butterfly Room in Sunnyside daycare.

Bonnie AndersonEdit

Bonnie is an imaginative girl like Andy but unlike Andy she does not play with an evil villan named Evil Dr. Pork (At least until the end of Toy Story 3) she plays a game about a evil witch taking over a Haunted Bakery.


Family: Mrs.Anderson, Mr.Anderson, Unknown Fish, Unknown Cat

Friends: Sunnyside daycare kids, Andy

Debut: Toy Story 3

Portrayed by: Emily Hahn

Home: Bonnie's house

Likes: Playing with toys.

Where now: Going to daycare moving on to Kindergarden soon

Age:4 or 5 years old



Torso: Green stripe with dark green overal shorts.

Legs: Pink too-too