Al McWhiggin
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His collection

Portrayed by

Wayne Knight


Toy Store owner, collector


Toy Story 2


His penthouse



Where now

Either finding another collection of Woody's roundup toys or going into buisness with his toy shop.

Al Mcwhiggin, otherwise known as "The Chicken Man" is the secondary antagonist of Toy Story 2 but also an anti villan.

Al McwhigginEdit

A toy collector a proboly a big fan of the old puppet show Woody's roundup TV show.He got two hanydowns that are Woody and Jessie but unknown were Bullseye and Stinky Pete came from. As a collector, he most likely bought them online to go with the rest of his collection. In his apartment, he has many old videos, toys, and accessories from the era of Woody's Roundup.

He also works at, and owns Al's Toy Barn in town. The Toy Barn is a regular toy store and its spokesman is "The Chicken Man". In the story, he appears in the advertisements for Al's Toy Barn.


  • Toy Story 2